Scrunch or fold? Our question from ‘Trending Live’

As experts in paper conversion and manufacturing, we were recently contacted by Channel 4’s ‘Trending Live’ show to answer an all important question; Should you scrunch or fold toilet paper?

Using our 30 years of experience in paper conversion, we came to conclusion that it’s better to fold toilet paper rather than scrunch it. Why? Toilet paper is a multi-ply product; it’s constructed with layers of tissue compacted together to generate a thicker and more luxury feel. Therefore, by folding the paper you are adding more layers to your selection, creating a more cushioned feel. Scrunching would lead to inconsistencies with the layers and tends to use more sheets of paper, making it the least cost effective option.

At our purpose built, 35,000 sq ft facility in Oldham, we convert 450 tonnes of paper per month into toilet and kitchen paper for households and ‘away from home’ markets across Europe. Our team of 50 staff make sure that each machine is running smoothly, safely and any faulty rolls are removed from the line to ensure customers receive quality products. We have various Toilet Paper products available from our delicately fragranced Aroma pack to our luxury 3 ply Gentille Quilted Tissue for customer who want a more premium product.

Over the last couple of weeks, we’ve been watching the installation of our new RW40-40 wrapper from Stax Technologies; a machine which will speed up our packing process and allow us to pack up to 130 single layer packs per minute. Read more about this machine here!


See our expert advice on the topic from Ray Brown, our health and safety manager in this video!