How is our Nova Tissue Soft on Nature toilet paper friendlier to the planet? Find out in our FAQs!

  1. Where is the Soft on Nature product made?

Unlike other leading eco-brands, all the components of the production process are made in the UK at our factory in Oldham; from the paper to the compostable packaging!


  1. How is the packaging material compostable and plastic-free? Where can it be disposed of?

The packaging is a bio-material derived from potato starch and the home-compostability is independently certified by TUV and complies with EN13432. As it will break down at the same rate as both food-waste and garden waste, it can be disposed of in either of these, or on your home compost. (It should not be put with either plastic or general household waste.)


  1. Where can I buy Soft on Nature, eco friendly toilet paper?

It’s currently available on Amazon with parcels sent directly from our factory in Oldham (ensuring no cellotape or other plastic is used). If you aren’t an Amazon customer, you can also find it on the Approved Food website here. 


  1. Can I buy less than 108 rolls?

Keep your eye on Wowcher, Groupon and Ebay over the coming weeks – we’ll be offering some deals!


  1. Why is the toilet paper itself not recycled?

As part of our product research we followed a study by IVL, Swedish Research Institute, which concluded that in certain circumstances, paper made using virgin fibres can have lower environmental impact than paper from recycled fibres. The study explored how when paper sourced from sustainably managed forests is produced using low-emission, renewable energy resources, the climate impact can be significantly reduced. Want to know more? Read the report here


  1. How are the toilet rolls longer lasting?

We’ve compacted 45% more paper onto the roll than our Cushion Soft 18 Pack product, so it should last 45% longer!


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