How is our Nova Tissue Soft on Nature toilet paper friendlier to the planet? Find out in our FAQs!

  1. Where is the Soft on Nature product made?

Unlike other leading eco-brands, all the components of the production process are made in the UK at our factory in Oldham; from the paper to the compostable packaging!


  1. How is the packaging material compostable and plastic-free? Where can it be disposed of?

The packaging is a bio-material derived from potato starch and the home-compostability is independently certified by TUV and complies with EN13432. As it will break down at the same rate as both food-waste and garden waste, it can be disposed of in either of these, or on your home compost. (It should not be put with either plastic or general household waste.)


  1. Where can I buy Soft on Nature, eco friendly toilet paper?

It’s currently available on Amazon with parcels sent directly from our factory in Oldham (ensuring no cellotape or other plastic is used). If you aren’t an Amazon customer, you can also find it on the Approved Food website here. 


  1. Can I buy less than 108 rolls?

Keep your eye on Wowcher, Groupon and Ebay over the coming weeks – we’ll be offering some deals!


  1. Why is the toilet paper itself not recycled?

As part of our product research we followed a study by IVL, Swedish Research Institute, which concluded that in certain circumstances, paper made using virgin fibres can have lower environmental impact than paper from recycled fibres. The study explored how when paper sourced from sustainably managed forests is produced using low-emission, renewable energy resources, the climate impact can be significantly reduced. Want to know more? Read the report here


  1. How are the toilet rolls longer lasting?

We’ve compacted 45% more paper onto the roll than our Cushion Soft 18 Pack product, so it should last 45% longer!


Nova Tissue’s Managing Director comments on stockpiling of toilet roll ahead of Brexit in The Metro

During this time of what seems to be prolonged uncertainty, one question keeps being asked… Do we need to stockpile toilet paper? As a key spokesperson in the toilet paper manufacturing industry (or at the very least in our Nova Tissue factory!) our Managing Director Khurram Iqbal has been asked to comment on this very issue for the, read his feature here.

‘Apocalyptic Pantry’

With preparations in place for a no-deal Brexit, consumers across the country are starting to stockpile household essentials to ensure they aren’t caught short. Whilst we don’t think that stockpiling toilet paper is entirely necessary, prolonged disruption for incoming supplies at ports will no doubt severely test suppliers and could lead to some empty shelves.

The Brexit Plan

The UK is heavily reliant upon imports of raw materials including the main ingredient needed to produce toilet tissue and kitchen roll, but as we’ve been aware of the impending changes Brexit will bring, deal or no deal, our warehouse is fully stocked for all eventualities. Along with stocking up our warehouses, we’ve concentrated on sourcing as much of our raw materials as we can from UK suppliers which will help ensure minimal disruption for our customers.

We like to keep our customers in the loop with any developments at the Nova Tissue factory so will be maintaining our levels of service during this period, but if any customers are concerned please get in touch.

How Nova Tissue is taking a new approach to going ‘Soft on Nature’ with new eco-friendly range of toilet tissue

We’re always looking for ways to give our customers new and exciting products that will fly off shelves, which is why we’ve been researching ways we can offer a range that is ‘Soft on Nature’ in response to consumer demand for and the need to produce more sustainable hygiene products. As experts in paper conversion, we know that quality can sometimes slip when producing eco-friendly versions of existing products, so we’ve been investigating how we can take a step in the right direction with a toilet tissue that doesn’t compromise on softness.

As part of our research we found a study by IVL, Swedish Environmental Research Institute, which concluded that in certain circumstances paper from fresh fibres can have lower overall environmental impact than paper from recycled fibres. The study explored how when paper sourced from sustainably managed forests is produced using low-emission renewable energy resources, the climate impact can be significantly reduced and is favourable to fresh fibres, rather than recycled ones. Pairing this with the fact we are based in the UK with the majority of our customer base, we have decided that it would be favourable to the environment to continue using fresh fibres from responsibly sourced trees to produce our new ‘Soft on Nature’ range.

The paper we choose to use

Our raw material – paper – is sourced from a few suppliers who all have one thing in common; ensuring that pulp is sourced responsibly from controlled and sustainable environments. Each kitchen towel or toilet tissue roll that comes out of our factory in Oldham and is distributed across the UK is converted from a material which is produced in a way which is as kind, and as sustainable as possible. We know that our industry is particularly intensive in the consumption of raw materials and energy, so we are all progressively moving towards a sustainable future by decreasing the consumption of water, energy and materials to reduce the environmental impact of the entire manufacturing process, from tree to toilet.

Going further

To ensure that our new ‘Soft on Nature’ product is friendly to the environment, we are using a 100% compostable, potato starch packaging which has no harmful toxins or oil-based materials. We’re also compacting 45% more paper onto each roll so that fewer packs will be needed and as a result means there will be 30% less delivery trucks on the roads!

We have also forged a partnership with TREE AID, a UK Charity which has internationally recognised expertise in promoting sustainable development in remote and isolated communities in Africa. Since 1987 the charity has helped more than 1.2 million people and planted more than 16 million trees and as part of our partnership, we’ll be donating over £10,000 to this brilliant charity to help them continue the fantastic work!

You can browse full specifications for this new product here or download this document which summarises our full own brand product range. Please feel free to contact us to discuss your specific needs.

The impact of Brexit – Should we start stockpiling loo roll??!!

The UK is living in a world of uncertainty at the moment, from trade deals to votes of no confidence, and the mention of potential rationing to our everyday commodities takes us back to Britain in wartime. But what does a no-deal Brexit mean for your everyday shopping list?

The UK imports everything from food, fuels, medicine and vehicles so a no-deal Brexit could mean not just potential delays at ports for these materials entering the country, but also a spike in the price of these items for the customers who need them. Pulp is a raw material required to manufacture paper, whether it’s newspapers and magazines or toilet paper and kitchen towel, and it’s also a material which is imported into the UK market.

Panic not!

Toilet paper is on everyone’s weekly shopping list whether it’s a deluxe brand or a budget variety, so it is of course going to be an item in high demand 365 days of the year, deal or no deal! Here at Nova Tissue UK, our warehouse is fully stocked ready for all Brexit eventualities. We pride ourselves in always trying to give our customers the very best offer (and paper for their pound!), so we’ve focused on buying our raw materials from UK suppliers to ensure minimal disruption for our customers.

As always, we will be providing the same level of service throughout this period of uncertainty and are confident that our Nova Tissue customers will continue to receive the very best offer.



Nova Tissue adds Gentille Giant to kitchen towel range

It’s an exciting start to 2019 for Nova Tissue as we add a new product range to our shelves! The Gentille Giant Kitchen Towel is a super absorbent multi-purpose roll which can be used for a range of household and janitorial needs.

We’re always trying to offer our customers the very best product for the price they pay, so after commissioning market research and paying attention to customer and end-user feedback, we are happy to be making this roll 18% taller using an exclusive higher absorbency virgin 17.5gsm white towel.

The Gentille Giant range is available in both a single roll and a 3 roll flash-pack, read the product specifications on our products page.


Be one of the first to stock our new Gentille Giant range by calling the office on 0161 682 4447 and placing your order today!

Listen to us on BBC Coventry and Warwickshire!

As experts in consumer toilet tissue and consumer kitchen towel, we were approached by Vic Minett from BBC Coventry and Warwickshire to answer a listener’s question in her Vicapedia feature: How do companies get tissues into a box so that the next one comes out after the one before?


Although we don’t manufacture tissue boxes (we’re experts in toilet tissue and kitchen towel), we have over 30 years of experience of paper conversion so we obviously knew the answer anyway! Listen to our Managing Director, Khurram Iqbal live on the radio in the video below…

The Vic Minett Show, BBC Coventry and Warwickshire, 94.8FM, 103.FM, Online and on DAB.

New peachy-product for your shelves

We are pleased to announce that we have extended our range of toilet tissue and have added a new peach edition to our popular Gentille Luxury 3ply toilet tissue range.

Read more about our new product and what we are doing to constantly ensure you get the best value in our latest newsletter here.

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Making a splash with 10% extra!

At Nova Tissue we keep a close eye on the paper conversion market to ensure that we’re always giving our customers the best product at the best price. From visiting World Trade Shows to meet other professionals, tissue makers, converters and suppliers within the industry, to using the expertise of our team to develop our own products, we adapt with the marketplace and are constantly implementing improvements at our Oldham factory.

To keep up with market trends, we’ve increased the height of one of our best selling products, our Splash 4 pack Kitchen Towel, by 10%. This added extra will come at no additional cost to give our customers the very best value for money.

We’re proud that the Splash branded products are now well recognised with our customers and are consistently among our best sellers, from the price marked packs to the Jumbo Roll. The emboss pattern included on each roll looks fantastic but also serves another purpose; ensuring maximum absorbency for spillages thanks to it’s exclusive higher grammage paper.

To view our full range of products, from kitchen towel to toilet tissue, visit our Products page where you will also find our specification sheet to help you compare products.

Scrunch or fold? Our question from ‘Trending Live’

As experts in paper conversion and manufacturing, we were recently contacted by Channel 4’s ‘Trending Live’ show to answer an all important question; Should you scrunch or fold toilet paper?

Using our 30 years of experience in paper conversion, we came to conclusion that it’s better to fold toilet paper rather than scrunch it. Why? Toilet paper is a multi-ply product; it’s constructed with layers of tissue compacted together to generate a thicker and more luxury feel. Therefore, by folding the paper you are adding more layers to your selection, creating a more cushioned feel. Scrunching would lead to inconsistencies with the layers and tends to use more sheets of paper, making it the least cost effective option.

At our purpose built, 35,000 sq ft facility in Oldham, we convert 450 tonnes of paper per month into toilet and kitchen paper for households and ‘away from home’ markets across Europe. Our team of 50 staff make sure that each machine is running smoothly, safely and any faulty rolls are removed from the line to ensure customers receive quality products. We have various Toilet Paper products available from our delicately fragranced Aroma pack to our luxury 3 ply Gentille Quilted Tissue for customer who want a more premium product.

Over the last couple of weeks, we’ve been watching the installation of our new RW40-40 wrapper from Stax Technologies; a machine which will speed up our packing process and allow us to pack up to 130 single layer packs per minute. Read more about this machine here!


See our expert advice on the topic from Ray Brown, our health and safety manager in this video! 

That’s a wrap! Nova Tissue invests in new high-tech wrapper machine from Serbia

We’re always looking for ways to improve our factory and invest in the newest technology so that we can keep up with our customers’ demand for low cost, quality toilet paper and kitchen towel. We’re looking forward to welcoming a brand new wrapper RW4-40 from Stax Technologies, a powerful packaging machine which has the ability to wrap a variety of toilet rolls and kitchen towels.

Stax Technologies is a renowned international company that is dedicated to developing the most innovative packaging machines for the tissue converting industry worldwide. Their machines are world-class and notorious within our sector so we’re thrilled to be bringing one to our head office in Oldham for our UK and international customers.

Once introduced to the Nova Tissue factory floor, the wrapper will be set to work packing up to 130 single layer packs per minute and up to 70 double layer packs per minute. The high speed and low maintenance cost of this machine will allow us to continue offering our customers the very best price and speed of order, something that we’re always looking to improve.

The new wrapper RW4-40 will replace two of our older machines making our factory floor more efficient and fit for the future. We are awaiting delivery of the machine from Serbia so keep an eye on our Twitter and Linkedin pages for the announcement of its arrival to Oldham!