How is our Nova Tissue Soft on Nature range friendlier to the planet? Find out in our FAQs!

  1. Where are the ‘Soft on Nature’ products made?

Unlike other leading eco-brands, all the elements of the production process happen in the UK at our factory in Oldham; from the paper to the compostable packaging!


  1. How is the packaging material compostable and plastic-free? Where can it be disposed of?

The packaging is a bio-material derived from potato starch and the home-compostability is independently certified by TUV and complies with EN13432. As it will break down at the same rate as both food-waste and garden waste, it can be disposed of in either of these, or on your home compost. (It should not be put with either plastic or general household waste.)


  1. Where can I buy ‘Soft on Nature’, eco-friendly toilet paper and kitchen roll?

Both products are currently available on Amazon and eBay with parcels sent directly from our factory in Oldham (ensuring no sellotape or other plastic is used). Please be sure to check that the seller is ‘Nova Tissue’ otherwise we can’t guarantee the state of the outer packaging or efficiency of delivery.


  1. Can I buy less than 108 rolls of the ‘Soft on Nature’ toilet paper?

Keep your eye on Wowcher and Groupon for deals and pop into your local zero waste or discount retailer to see if they have individual packs on sale (if not, you could ask them to start stocking it!)


  1. Why is the toilet paper itself not recycled?

As part of our product research we followed a study by IVL, Swedish Research Institute, which concluded that in certain circumstances, paper made using virgin fibres can have lower environmental impact than paper from recycled fibres. The study explored how when paper sourced from sustainably managed forests is produced using low-emission, renewable energy resources, the climate impact can be significantly reduced. We’re proud to source our raw materials from a zero emissions paper mill factory which produces the most sustainable paper in the world! Want to know more? Read the research report here.


  1. How are the toilet rolls longer lasting?

We’ve compacted 45% more paper onto the toilet roll compared to our start Cushion Soft product so it should last 45% longer, and the kitchen roll is 20% thicker, heavier and more absorbent than the standard Splash product -so you only have to use one sheet for spills, rather than have to double or triple up!


  1. Isn’t it more eco-friendly to use cloths rather than kitchen roll?

Yes, using cloths would be better for the planet. But we know how hard it is to fully stop using paper towels for certain spillages. We believe that any small steps we can take to be a little bit friendlier to the environment is worth the change, and using our ‘Soft on Nature’ Splash Kitchen Towel rather than non-sustainable alternatives is a great step in the right direction! Using kitchen roll instead of cloths could also save water.

How Nova Tissue is taking a new approach to going ‘Soft on Nature’ with new eco-friendly range of toilet tissue

We’re always looking for ways to give our customers new and exciting products that will fly off shelves, which is why we’ve been researching ways we can offer a range that is ‘Soft on Nature’ in response to consumer demand for and the need to produce more sustainable hygiene products. As experts in paper conversion, we know that quality can sometimes slip when producing eco-friendly versions of existing products, so we’ve been investigating how we can take a step in the right direction with a toilet tissue that doesn’t compromise on softness.

As part of our research we found a study by IVL, Swedish Environmental Research Institute, which concluded that in certain circumstances paper from fresh fibres can have lower overall environmental impact than paper from recycled fibres. The study explored how when paper sourced from sustainably managed forests is produced using low-emission renewable energy resources, the climate impact can be significantly reduced and is favourable to fresh fibres, rather than recycled ones. Pairing this with the fact we are based in the UK with the majority of our customer base, we have decided that it would be favourable to the environment to continue using fresh fibres from responsibly sourced trees to produce our new ‘Soft on Nature’ range.

The paper we choose to use

Our raw material – paper – is sourced from a few suppliers who all have one thing in common; ensuring that pulp is sourced responsibly from controlled and sustainable environments. Each kitchen towel or toilet tissue roll that comes out of our factory in Oldham and is distributed across the UK is converted from a material which is produced in a way which is as kind, and as sustainable as possible. We know that our industry is particularly intensive in the consumption of raw materials and energy, so we are all progressively moving towards a sustainable future by decreasing the consumption of water, energy and materials to reduce the environmental impact of the entire manufacturing process, from tree to toilet.

Going further

To ensure that our new ‘Soft on Nature’ product is friendly to the environment, we are using a 100% compostable, potato starch packaging which has no harmful toxins or oil-based materials. We’re also compacting 45% more paper onto each roll so that fewer packs will be needed and as a result means there will be 30% less delivery trucks on the roads!

We have also forged a partnership with TREE AID, a UK Charity which has internationally recognised expertise in promoting sustainable development in remote and isolated communities in Africa. Since 1987 the charity has helped more than 1.2 million people and planted more than 16 million trees and as part of our partnership, we’ll be donating over £10,000 to this brilliant charity to help them continue the fantastic work!

You can browse full specifications for this new product here or download this document which summarises our full own brand product range. Please feel free to contact us to discuss your specific needs.