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Turn Black Friday into ‘Green Friday’ by saving on affordable, eco-friendly household essentials

Nov 22, 2021 | Uncategorized | 0 comments

Each year, just before we descend into the madness of December spending, we see retailers slash their prices for Black Friday. And each year ‘Black Friday’ sales seem to run even longer for customers to make the most of the deals available. But do we still have an appetite for the price tag rollercoaster?

The savvy buyers among us will be well aware of the tricks retailers play to make their deals seem irresistible; from premeditative price hikes and ‘bundle’ offers that mask the savings. Leading labels like ‘Save up to XX%’ are there to tempt us into buying items that might not have appeared on our shopping list pre-sales because we think we’re saving money.

Rather than splashing the cash on impulse buys that seem like a good idea at the time, we’re spreading the message this year to save on items you actually need – like your household essentials.

Kitchen towel and especially toilet paper are products that you always need, so bulk buying these items when discounts are available is a great way to save time and money (read our blog about the difference between stockpiling and bulk buying).

So, here at Nova Tissue (an independent UK manufacturer of affordable, eco-friendly toilet roll and kitchen roll) we’re turning Black Friday into Green Friday by offering a 15% discount across our ‘Soft on Nature’ range.

Our customers cut costs all year round with bulk buy savings for the ultimate convenience, and by using the code ‘GreenFriday’ on our online shop we’ll automatically give you an additional 15% discount off any environmentally-friendly ‘Soft on Nature’ items in your basket. Instead of buying things you don’t need, you can save money on something you do need while doing your bit for the planet. Win-win.

*offer is available until Wednesday 1st December 2021

Family-run UK manufacturer of  high quality toilet tissue and kitchen towel.

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