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Make a sustainable commitment in 2022 by bulk buying our 100% recycled toilet paper

Jan 20, 2022 | Uncategorized | 0 comments

Already struggling to keep to your New Year’s resolutions? When you bulk buy our UK-made, plastic-free, 100% recycled toilet paper in a cardboard box of 36 loose longer-lasting rolls sealed with paper tape, you’ll be making a sustainable commitment for the long term.

Not only is it quilted with zero plastic in the product or packaging and zero harmful chlorine, bleach, dyes, fragrance, inks or BPA, it won’t break the bank either. In fact, at just 52p a roll it’s one of the best value environmentally-friendly toilet roll products around!

Unlike committing to grueling gym workouts or vegan diets, bulk buying our eco-friendly, ethically-made recycled toilet paper is a simple lifestyle change that you can easily stick to.

Is recycled toilet paper always the most sustainable, ethical choice?

There are lots of types and brands of recycled toilet paper available but not all of them have the best environmental credentials, and many come with a high price tag. Recycled toilet paper that comes in plastic packaging or is shipped across the world isn’t necessarily good for the planet. In fact, recycled loo roll isn’t always best from an eco-friendly point of view full stop. We found a study by IVL, Swedish Environmental Research Institute, which concluded that in certain circumstances paper from fresh fibres can have lower overall environmental impact than paper from recycled fibres. The study explored how when paper sourced from sustainably managed forests is produced using low-emission renewable energy resources, the climate impact can be significantly reduced and is favourable to fresh fibres, rather than recycled ones.

All the toilet paper and kitchen towel products in our ‘Soft on Nature’ range, including both the non-recycled and recycled toilet paper options, are made from materials originating from environmentally-managed forests sourced as locally as possible. And you can choose to go plastic-free with either loose rolls or toilet roll packaged in home-compostable potato starch wrapping.

We even compact 45% more paper onto each roll to reduce delivery trucks on the road by 30% and have a partnership with TREE AID, a UK Charity which has internationally recognised expertise in promoting sustainable development in remote and isolated communities in Africa.

We’ve got all bases covered for you so all you have to do is buy a box and use it! Now that’s a resolution you should be able to keep!

To find out more about and browse our recycled toilet paper range, click here.

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