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The hidden secrets of recycled toilet paper

Feb 17, 2022 | Uncategorized | 0 comments

Making sure that our products are safe for the whole family is one of our priorities, so when we bring out a new range at Nova Tissue, we do our research so that you don’t have to. Recycled toilet paper is still relatively new to the market and finding the best discount recycled loo roll that’s good for you, the planet and your budget can be tricky.

We know there are concerns about how sanitary recycled toilet paper is, and what exactly it’s made from, so we’re on a mission to put your mind at ease…

  1. Recycled toilet paper IS NOT made from recycled toilet paper; it’s actually made from high grade white office waste that would usually go to landfill (and ours is produced right here in the UK). In fact, the recycled pulp could have been used many times prior to landing in your bathroom!
  2. The price you pay for recycled loo roll can vary from brand to brand but we’re working hard to ensure that recycled toilet paper is affordable for everyone, which is why our box of recycled 36 double rolls is the exact same price as our box made from sustainably sourced virgin fibres. Because being good to the planet doesn’t have to cost the earth.
  3. Recycled toilet paper is just as soft as regular toilet paper: Gone are the days of toilet paper feeling and looking like tracing paper (flash back to school days!) Our rolls are made from three layers of soft, luxuriously thick, quilted and deco-embossed white recycled tissue.
  4. Some recycled loo roll is good for the planet but bad for your behind: Although they might tick the boxes for green credentials, some recycled toilet paper products can contain some pretty nasty chemicals that we wouldn’t want to put anywhere near our skin! However, nothing in the Nova Tissue ‘Soft on Nature’ range has harmful chlorine, chemical additives (bleach and dyes), fragrance, inks or BPA in the product or packaging so you can be sure that it’s completely safe to use. We’re proud to say our toilet paper is vegan friendly too.

Want to know more about our recycled toilet paper, and how we can call it vegan? Read more and browse our recycled toilet paper range here.

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