Job opportunity: Field Sales Representative at Nova Tissue

We have an exciting opportunity for an experienced FMCG salesperson to join the team at Nova Tissue as a Field Sales Representative, selling UK-made consumer hygiene products into the wholesale, cash & carry, and multiple retail markets.

Based in Oldham, Greater Manchester, Nova Tissue is a family-run paper converter and manufacturer of toilet tissue and kitchen towel products, supplying the consumer and ‘away from home’ markets across Europe via both online and direct sales. Our new Field Sales Representative will need to work both with the team at our head office and independently to build relationships with target customers who include buyers from retail multiples, wholesalers, discounters, and small supermarkets.

As well as our own brand products, which includes the eco-friendly ‘Soft on Nature’ range, we create bespoke private label ranges that enable customers to sell our toilet tissue and kitchen towel as their own.

We know it’s a bit sad, but we’re really passionate about paper conversion and we really enjoy what we do – and this rubs off on our customers. Because we’ve been in the business of making toilet tissue and kitchen towel for so long, we know what works/sells and what doesn’t when it comes to product, packaging, pack format and branding. Our team of just under 50 staff, from full time engineers and health & safety managers, to machine operators and warehouse assistants, are always looking out for what others in the industry are doing and how we can do it better.

Having now built a strong reputation for ourselves as a leading UK manufacturer, especially following our response to the toilet paper shortages brought about the Covid-19 pandemic when we were interviewed on national television, we are now looking to adapt our well-established business to the ‘new normal’. We need to re-build the ‘away from home’ market sales that were lost due to lockdown restrictions in the hospitality sector, and capitalise on new markets and opportunities that are now emerging. Our new Field Sales Representative will be instrumental in this.

Please send your CV to will be in touch if you are chosen for interview. Deadline: Friday 18 December 2020.


Nova Tissue featured in Manufacturing Today – The ‘infamous toilet roll shortage of 2020’

2020 has been a rollercoaster year for us at Nova Tissue (as it has for everyone!), not just because of the new systems we’ve introduced in our factory to ensure everybody’s safety during the coronavirus pandemic, but mainly because of the impact increased customer demand has had on our production line.

We spoke on This Morning in March 2020 to reassure everyone that UK manufacturers, like ourselves, could upscale to deal with the shortages IF customers stopped stockpiling unnecessary amounts of toilet paper and that there was plenty of toilet paper to go around! Since then, demand peaked with some people even turning up at our factory, and more recently dropped to a lull in the market which is being felt across the industry.

“When we speak to colleagues and other companies in the industry, everybody is in the same situation,” Khurram says. “The whole market seems to be depressed at the moment. Manufacturers of away-from-home products for hotels, pubs, and restaurants are also suffering because much of the hospitality sector is still subject to major restrictions.

“As a business, we are concentrating on what we can control. Once we make it through Covid-19 and Brexit, we know that we will be able to hit the ground running in terms of new product ranges, refreshed pricing, and our preparedness to take on new opportunities,” Khurram asserts. “From speaking to our customers, we are aware that if we can lay the groundwork now, there is no reason why we can’t be in a very, very strong position in six months’ time.”

Read the full article on Manufacturing Today to find out why we staying are optimistic about the future with our growing product range and headway in the sustainability market.


Nova Tissue shortlisted for Sustainable Innovation in the Blue Patch Awards

Nova Tissue has been named as a Finalist in the Blue Patch Awards’ Sustainable Innovation category for its ‘Soft on Nature’ toilet tissue and kitchen towel products. The Blue Patch Awards are designed to recognise and celebrate high quality design and genuine, innovative, sustainable approaches to ethical business, which is something we were aiming for in the development of the ‘Soft on Nature’ range.

The range was created in response to increasing demand for and the need to produce more sustainable hygiene products that are still affordable for lower income households and budget hospitality businesses. Our research enabled us to create toilet and kitchen rolls that are 45% longer lasting, produced at a carbon-neutral paper mill, and wrapped in 100% plastic-free home-compostable packaging made from potato starch, at a fraction of the cost of other eco-conscious brands.

Always evolving the products based on customer feedback, the ‘Soft on Nature’ range has since been expanded to include a zero-waste 100% recycled toilet paper in a loose packed box, which is available on Amazon, eBay and at a network of independent stockists across the UK.

The winners of the Blue Patch Awards are due to be announced in October 2020. Keep an eye on the Nova Tissue and Soft on Nature social media profiles for the results!

10% of budget ‘Soft on Nature’ eco-friendly toilet roll and kitchen towel sales donated to TREE AID this June

Oldham based toilet roll and kitchen towel manufacturer Nova Tissue is donating 10% of all sales of its budget ‘Soft on Nature’ eco-friendly range to UK-based charity TREE AID during June 2020. This is in addition to its original donation of more than £10,000 to the charity as part of the development of the sustainably sourced, low emission, plastic-free range.

The month-long promotion is part of a wider partnership established between the UK manufacturer and TREE AID in 2019. The support provided by Nova Tissue through donations in conjunction with the plastic-free Soft on Nature range allows the charity to continue its vital work with struggling communities across Africa to plant trees to protect the environment and enable people to grow their way out of poverty.

During the current global Coronavirus pandemic, TREE AID has continued supporting these isolated villages and widened their offer by raising awareness of the importance of hand washing and social distancing to protect the communities. Having seen a boost in sales and increased awareness of and demand for its eco-friendly range, Nova Tissue is keen to extend its support with this new initiative.

Nova Tissue’s Soft on Nature toilet and kitchen roll, which is cheaper and longer-lasting than most other eco-friendly brands,  is made from the most sustainable paper in the world using responsibly sourced trees processed in a zero emissions mill. The plastic-free packaging is made from potato starch with no harmful toxins or oil-based materials and is independently certified by TUV. Each pack is proudly adorned with the TREE AID logo to help raise awareness of the charity and customers who purchase promotional packs in June 2020 will receive a leaflet with more information about the partnership.



Find out more about TREE AID’s work on their website here and help support them and do your bit for the environment by making an easy ‘eco-swap’ to Soft on Nature products here.


In the media – Our message about Coronavirus stockpiling

The world is a very strange place at the moment and none of us are sure how long it will be until we go back to ‘normal’. All in a matter of weeks we’ve gone from seeing the effects Covid19 has had on other countries to living in lockdown ourselves, which has led to a few problems. Yes, we’re talking about stockpiling toilet paper.

We understand the fear and uncertainty behind it, and we’ve even been filmed on national television trying to reassure our UK customers (and the rest of the nation!) that there isn’t a need to stock-up on mountains of loo roll, so if you need another dose of reassurance you can find the clips below:







Daily Mirror – Inside toilet roll factory working 24/7 to deal with panic-buying – and why we don’t need to do it






Channel 4 – Can Our Supermarkets Cope?










This Morning – 17th March









inews – Coronavirus: ‘People need to stop stockpiling – there is no shortage,’ says UK toilet roll manufacturer



Coronavirus: UK manufacturers can upscale to deal with toilet roll shortage

*UPDATE 12/03/2020* Due to unprecedented demand, our toilet paper products are now out of stock but we are working hard to meet current orders and get re-stocked as soon as possible. In the meantime, please bear with us. Our kitchen roll products are still readily available.
In particular, there is a surge in demand for our Soft on Natureeco-friendly toilet paper, which is made in the UK from virgin fibres from responsibly sourced trees processed in a zero emissions European paper mill and wrapped in plastic-free compostable packaging. This seems to be as a result of some of our competitor eco-brands which rely on raw materials from China and elsewhere across the world being out of stock.


While we are more than happy to fill this gap and more than capable of processing increased orders, we would reiterate the advice of government and retailers that there is no need to stockpile toilet roll and we do not envisage there being a long term impact on global supply. We sell our ‘Soft on Nature’ eco product in bulk direct to consumers via Amazon and eBay and with 108 rolls for just £35.99; a one-off order would see a household throughout even a worst case scenario.


Nova Tissue extends ‘Soft on Nature’ range with new budget eco-friendly kitchen towel and partnership with zero-emissions paper mill

Oldham based paper converter Nova Tissue has extended its ‘Soft on Nature’ product range with the launch of a new budget eco-friendly ‘Splash’ kitchen towel alongside its already successful ‘Cushion Soft’ eco toilet tissue. It has also announced that the raw materials used in the ‘Soft on Nature’ range will now be sourced from a zero-emissions paper mill, further increasing the environmental credentials.

Both the toilet tissue and new kitchen towel in the ‘Soft on Nature’ range are manufactured in the UK at Nova Tissue’s factory and are wrapped in plastic-free, 100% home compostable packaging derived from potato starch with no harmful toxins. The virgin fibres used (which some research suggests can be more beneficial to the environment than recycled paper) originate from responsibly sourced trees and processed in a carbon-neutral mill based in Spain, and the rolls are designed to be 45% longer-lasting to reduce delivery transport emissions. The company has also forged a partnership with TREE AID and will be donating almost £15,000 to support the UK charity in promoting sustainable development in remote communities in Africa including planting trees.

Unlike many other eco brands, the ‘Soft on Nature’ range is also budget-friendly with consumers being able to buy in bulk directly from Amazon or eBay for just £35.99 for 108 rolls of the toilet tissue (that’s just 33p per roll compared to the almost £1 per roll for some other eco brands) and £28.99 for 24 rolls of the kitchen towel. The products are also now being sold in smaller quantities at a growing number of local zero waste and plastic free shops across the UK.

Blogger ‘Imperfect Eco Mum’ said: “I bought [Soft on Nature Cushion Soft toilet tissue in bulk] last week and it is amazing – the hubby and kids didn’t even notice the difference from our non-eco branded toilet roll. A super easy eco swap!” Zoe Morrison, award winning author of the ‘Eco Thrifty Living’ blog added: “There aren’t many eco friendly plastic free toilet paper products available so I was pleased to discover a brand that is affordable. Most of us buy toilet paper week in, week out and switching to a greener budget alternative like this is an easy eco-thrifty swap to make!”

Find out more about the Soft on Nature range here.

How is our Nova Tissue Soft on Nature range friendlier to the planet? Find out in our FAQs!

  1. Where are the ‘Soft on Nature’ products made?

Unlike other leading eco-brands, all the elements of the production process happen in the UK at our factory in Oldham; from the paper to the compostable packaging!


  1. How is the packaging material compostable and plastic-free? Where can it be disposed of?

The packaging is a bio-material derived from potato starch and the home-compostability is independently certified by TUV and complies with EN13432. As it will break down at the same rate as both food-waste and garden waste, it can be disposed of in either of these, or on your home compost. (It should not be put with either plastic or general household waste.)


  1. Where can I buy ‘Soft on Nature’, eco-friendly toilet paper and kitchen roll?

Both products are currently available on Amazon and eBay with parcels sent directly from our factory in Oldham (ensuring no sellotape or other plastic is used). Please be sure to check that the seller is ‘Nova Tissue’ otherwise we can’t guarantee the state of the outer packaging or efficiency of delivery.


  1. Can I buy less than 108 rolls of the ‘Soft on Nature’ toilet paper?

Keep your eye on Wowcher and Groupon for deals and pop into your local zero waste or discount retailer to see if they have individual packs on sale (if not, you could ask them to start stocking it!)


  1. Why is the toilet paper itself not recycled?

As part of our product research we followed a study by IVL, Swedish Research Institute, which concluded that in certain circumstances, paper made using virgin fibres can have lower environmental impact than paper from recycled fibres. The study explored how when paper sourced from sustainably managed forests is produced using low-emission, renewable energy resources, the climate impact can be significantly reduced. We’re proud to source our raw materials from a zero emissions paper mill factory which produces the most sustainable paper in the world! Want to know more? Read the research report here.


  1. How are the toilet rolls longer lasting?

We’ve compacted 45% more paper onto the toilet roll compared to our start Cushion Soft product so it should last 45% longer, and the kitchen roll is 20% thicker, heavier and more absorbent than the standard Splash product -so you only have to use one sheet for spills, rather than have to double or triple up!


  1. Isn’t it more eco-friendly to use cloths rather than kitchen roll?

Yes, using cloths would be better for the planet. But we know how hard it is to fully stop using paper towels for certain spillages. We believe that any small steps we can take to be a little bit friendlier to the environment is worth the change, and using our ‘Soft on Nature’ Splash Kitchen Towel rather than non-sustainable alternatives is a great step in the right direction! Using kitchen roll instead of cloths could also save water.

Nova Tissue’s Managing Director comments on stockpiling of toilet roll ahead of Brexit in The Metro

During this time of what seems to be prolonged uncertainty, one question keeps being asked… Do we need to stockpile toilet paper? As a key spokesperson in the toilet paper manufacturing industry (or at the very least in our Nova Tissue factory!) our Managing Director Khurram Iqbal has been asked to comment on this very issue for the, read his feature here.

‘Apocalyptic Pantry’

With preparations in place for a no-deal Brexit, consumers across the country are starting to stockpile household essentials to ensure they aren’t caught short. Whilst we don’t think that stockpiling toilet paper is entirely necessary, prolonged disruption for incoming supplies at ports will no doubt severely test suppliers and could lead to some empty shelves.

The Brexit Plan

The UK is heavily reliant upon imports of raw materials including the main ingredient needed to produce toilet tissue and kitchen roll, but as we’ve been aware of the impending changes Brexit will bring, deal or no deal, our warehouse is fully stocked for all eventualities. Along with stocking up our warehouses, we’ve concentrated on sourcing as much of our raw materials as we can from UK suppliers which will help ensure minimal disruption for our customers.

We like to keep our customers in the loop with any developments at the Nova Tissue factory so will be maintaining our levels of service during this period, but if any customers are concerned please get in touch.

How Nova Tissue is taking a new approach to going ‘Soft on Nature’ with new eco-friendly range of toilet tissue

We’re always looking for ways to give our customers new and exciting products that will fly off shelves, which is why we’ve been researching ways we can offer a range that is ‘Soft on Nature’ in response to consumer demand for and the need to produce more sustainable hygiene products. As experts in paper conversion, we know that quality can sometimes slip when producing eco-friendly versions of existing products, so we’ve been investigating how we can take a step in the right direction with a toilet tissue that doesn’t compromise on softness.

As part of our research we found a study by IVL, Swedish Environmental Research Institute, which concluded that in certain circumstances paper from fresh fibres can have lower overall environmental impact than paper from recycled fibres. The study explored how when paper sourced from sustainably managed forests is produced using low-emission renewable energy resources, the climate impact can be significantly reduced and is favourable to fresh fibres, rather than recycled ones. Pairing this with the fact we are based in the UK with the majority of our customer base, we have decided that it would be favourable to the environment to continue using fresh fibres from responsibly sourced trees to produce our new ‘Soft on Nature’ range.

The paper we choose to use

Our raw material – paper – is sourced from a few suppliers who all have one thing in common; ensuring that pulp is sourced responsibly from controlled and sustainable environments. Each kitchen towel or toilet tissue roll that comes out of our factory in Oldham and is distributed across the UK is converted from a material which is produced in a way which is as kind, and as sustainable as possible. We know that our industry is particularly intensive in the consumption of raw materials and energy, so we are all progressively moving towards a sustainable future by decreasing the consumption of water, energy and materials to reduce the environmental impact of the entire manufacturing process, from tree to toilet.

Going further

To ensure that our new ‘Soft on Nature’ product is friendly to the environment, we are using a 100% compostable, potato starch packaging which has no harmful toxins or oil-based materials. We’re also compacting 45% more paper onto each roll so that fewer packs will be needed and as a result means there will be 30% less delivery trucks on the roads!

We have also forged a partnership with TREE AID, a UK Charity which has internationally recognised expertise in promoting sustainable development in remote and isolated communities in Africa. Since 1987 the charity has helped more than 1.2 million people and planted more than 16 million trees and as part of our partnership, we’ll be donating over £10,000 to this brilliant charity to help them continue the fantastic work!

You can browse full specifications for this new product here or download this document which summarises our full own brand product range. Please feel free to contact us to discuss your specific needs.