Soft on Nature 9 Pack in Paper, 72 Rolls


SKU: BT228

3ply rolls from recycled paper; now produced in a unique kraft paper wrap. Quilted, embossed & laminated to ensure softness and strength.

Quantity Discount Per Item Price
24+ 20% £22.40

Now wrapped in kraft paper: 100% compostable and biodegradable.
white tissue.
8 packs of 9 rolls in a cardboard box, sealed with paper tape.
3ply quilted & laminated, 170 EXTRA LONG sheets per roll (24 metres)
Roll height 100mm
Roll diameter 120mm
Core diameter 50mm

zero plastic product & packaging
zero BPA
zero chlorine
zero harmful toxins
zero fragrance or inks

Soft on Nature 9 Pack in Paper, 72 Rolls

Product Highlights

No more wasteful wrapping. 100% Plastic Free product and packaging.

Partnered with charity Tree Aid – tackling both poverty & climate change

Recycled tissue made from 100% recycled paper and sustainably sourced

Proudly made in the UK, with an emphasis on sourcing all raw materials as locally as possible

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