How using our Private Label service can boost your product sales

At Nova Tissue we understand that not all of our customers have the same requirements. Whether it’s the size of the order, the packaging or the product itself, we make sure that we can work flexibly around the customer’s needs.

We’ve noticed that more and more customers are using our Private Label service and designing their own branded products with the help of our trusted designers. From janitorial supplies companies and wholesalers to nursing homes, the need for own brand products is on the rise. We understand that designing packaging for toilet roll or kitchen towel might not be everyone’s forte, so our designers will guide you through the process to ensure you have a product that is ready to ‘roll’ off the shelves. We’ve built up our portfolio and know from experience that private labels help to differentiate your product from your competitor’s, which in turn creates exclusivity for your brand and fetches higher profit margins.

Adding your own logo and incorporating your strapline onto the packaging might not seem ground-breaking at first, but it could mean the difference between converting customers with a new product with the potential to grow a loyal customer base. If you’re interested in creating your own brand packaging for toilet roll or kitchen towel, contact us and we’ll use our years of experience and passion for paper products to deliver a bespoke private label product tailored to your customers’ needs.