10% of budget ‘Soft on Nature’ eco-friendly toilet roll and kitchen towel sales donated to TREE AID this June

Oldham based toilet roll and kitchen towel manufacturer Nova Tissue is donating 10% of all sales of its budget ‘Soft on Nature’ eco-friendly range to UK-based charity TREE AID during June 2020. This is in addition to its original donation of more than £10,000 to the charity as part of the development of the sustainably sourced, low emission, plastic-free range.

The month-long promotion is part of a wider partnership established between the UK manufacturer and TREE AID in 2019. The support provided by Nova Tissue through donations in conjunction with the plastic-free Soft on Nature range allows the charity to continue its vital work with struggling communities across Africa to plant trees to protect the environment and enable people to grow their way out of poverty.

During the current global Coronavirus pandemic, TREE AID has continued supporting these isolated villages and widened their offer by raising awareness of the importance of hand washing and social distancing to protect the communities. Having seen a boost in sales and increased awareness of and demand for its eco-friendly range, Nova Tissue is keen to extend its support with this new initiative.

Nova Tissue’s Soft on Nature toilet and kitchen roll, which is cheaper and longer-lasting than most other eco-friendly brands,  is made from the most sustainable paper in the world using responsibly sourced trees processed in a zero emissions mill. The plastic-free packaging is made from potato starch with no harmful toxins or oil-based materials and is independently certified by TUV. Each pack is proudly adorned with the TREE AID logo to help raise awareness of the charity and customers who purchase promotional packs in June 2020 will receive a leaflet with more information about the partnership.



Find out more about TREE AID’s work on their website here and help support them and do your bit for the environment by making an easy ‘eco-swap’ to Soft on Nature products here.


Nova Tissue extends ‘Soft on Nature’ range with new budget eco-friendly kitchen towel and partnership with zero-emissions paper mill

Oldham based paper converter Nova Tissue has extended its ‘Soft on Nature’ product range with the launch of a new budget eco-friendly ‘Splash’ kitchen towel alongside its already successful ‘Cushion Soft’ eco toilet tissue. It has also announced that the raw materials used in the ‘Soft on Nature’ range will now be sourced from a zero-emissions paper mill, further increasing the environmental credentials.

Both the toilet tissue and new kitchen towel in the ‘Soft on Nature’ range are manufactured in the UK at Nova Tissue’s factory and are wrapped in plastic-free, 100% home compostable packaging derived from potato starch with no harmful toxins. The virgin fibres used (which some research suggests can be more beneficial to the environment than recycled paper) originate from responsibly sourced trees and processed in a carbon-neutral mill based in Spain, and the rolls are designed to be 45% longer-lasting to reduce delivery transport emissions. The company has also forged a partnership with TREE AID and will be donating almost £15,000 to support the UK charity in promoting sustainable development in remote communities in Africa including planting trees.

Unlike many other eco brands, the ‘Soft on Nature’ range is also budget-friendly with consumers being able to buy in bulk directly from Amazon or eBay for just £35.99 for 108 rolls of the toilet tissue (that’s just 33p per roll compared to the almost £1 per roll for some other eco brands) and £28.99 for 24 rolls of the kitchen towel. The products are also now being sold in smaller quantities at a growing number of local zero waste and plastic free shops across the UK.

Blogger ‘Imperfect Eco Mum’ said: “I bought [Soft on Nature Cushion Soft toilet tissue in bulk] last week and it is amazing – the hubby and kids didn’t even notice the difference from our non-eco branded toilet roll. A super easy eco swap!” Zoe Morrison, award winning author of the ‘Eco Thrifty Living’ blog added: “There aren’t many eco friendly plastic free toilet paper products available so I was pleased to discover a brand that is affordable. Most of us buy toilet paper week in, week out and switching to a greener budget alternative like this is an easy eco-thrifty swap to make!”

Find out more about the Soft on Nature range here.