As experts in paper conversion, we’re always looking for new ways to deliver what our customers want and what appeals to the consumers they serve. Our new ‘Soft on Nature’ range has been created in response to increasing demand for and the need to produce more sustainable hygiene products that are still affordable.

Our ‘Soft on Nature’ Toilet Tissue and Kitchen Towel are, like all our products, produced in the UK by Nova Tissue’s experienced team at our factory in Oldham. To make the products truly ‘soft on nature’, we source the raw materials from a zero emissions paper mill factory which produces the most sustainable paper in the world from responsibly sourced treesfind out more about them here.

Both the ‘Soft on Nature’ Cushion Soft toilet roll and Splash kitchen roll are wrapped in plastic-free, 100% home compostable packaging made from potato starch with no harmful toxins or oil-based materials. This eco-friendly packaging used on the ‘Soft on Nature’ range is independently certified by TUV and allows us to avoid buying 12 tonnes of plastic per year (or 1,728,000 sheets of plastic wrap).

The toilet paper is also available in a loose roll format in boxes of 36 which are sent directly from our Oldham factory. Using only a cardboard box and eco-friendly paper tape, this is a fantastic option for customers who are making an effort to go zero-waste.


The eco benefits

Often, when paper converters create an eco-friendly version of an existing product, the quality can slip and the cost can significantly increase, which is something we were mindful of when developing our ‘Soft on Nature’ range. We don’t want customers to have to choose between the softness of a roll and the impact it may have on the environment, so we’ve found a balance for our customers to go ‘soft on nature’ with an affordable, compromise-free alternative. Have a question? Check out our FAQs!

We have also forged a partnership with TREE AID, a UK Charity which has internationally recognised expertise in promoting sustainable development in remote and isolated communities in Africa. Since 1987 the charity has helped more than 1.2 million people and planted more than 16 million trees and as part of our partnership, we’ll be donating over £10,000 to this brilliant charity to help them continue the fantastic work!

You can browse full specifications for each product on our Products page or download this document which summarises our full own brand product range. Please feel free to contact us to discuss your specific needs.

View the ‘Soft on Nature’ Toilet Tissue here.

View the ‘Soft on Nature’ Kitchen Towel here.


















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