Soft on Nature, 14 Loose 3ply Kitchen Rolls


SKU: KT123

Loose, plastic-free & eco-friendly kitchen rolls, made with strong 3ply paper from a zero-emissions paper mill.


14 Jumbo rolls of 3PLY EXTRA STRONG, white kitchen towel.
Paper from a Zero Emissions Paper Mill.

Reduce your usage: ONE sheet is enough for a multitude of household tasks.
Stays strong when wet.

Loose rolls in a cardboard box, sealed with vegan-friendly paper tape
Completely plastic-free, inside and out 66 LARGE sheets per roll (15.2metres)

Roll height is 225mm
Roll diameter 140mm
Core diameter is 50mm

zero plastic product & packaging
zero BPA
zero chlorine
zero harmful toxins
zero fragrance or inks

Soft on Nature, 14 Loose 3ply Kitchen Rolls

Product Highlights

Extremely durable, strong and absorbent paper. One sheet is always enough

Partnered with charity Tree Aid – tackling both poverty & climate change

No more wasteful wrapping. 100% Plastic Free product and packaging

Proudly made in the UK, with an emphasis on sourcing all raw materials as locally as possible