Splash Soft on Nature 3ply Kitchen Rolls – 4 Packs of 3 (12 Rolls)


SKU: KT117

4 PACKS OF 3 ROLLS – Splash 3 Rolls Family Pack, charity supporting 3ply kitchen roll. Made from extra strong, thick absorbent white paper.
BUY A FULL PALLET: buy 35 cases x 12 rolls and save 32%

Quantity Discount
3 - 34 20%
35 32%

4 PACKS OF 3 ROLLS, amazingly absorbent 3ply, super thick and super strong paper, better than market-leading brands.

SOFT ON NATURE: Soft on the environment. Paper from a European Zero-Emissions paper factory, sustainably sourced, fully certified & accredited.

CHARITY SUPPORTING: Your purchase enables Tree Aid to plant trees and help people grow their way out of poverty in the drylands of Africa.

30% RECYCLED WRAPPER: More sustainable & still recyclable roll packaging; with a minimum 30% recycled LDPE content.

Splash Soft on Nature 3ply Kitchen Rolls – 4 Packs of 3 (12 Rolls)

Product Highlights

Wrapper with minimum 30% Recycled content: Sustainable & better for our planet

Proudly made in the UK, with an emphasis on sourcing all raw materials as locally as possible

Extremely durable, strong and absorbent paper. One sheet is always enough

Partnered with charity Tree Aid – tackling both poverty & climate change