Recycled Toilet Paper

If you’re looking for recycled toilet paper that doesn’t cost the earth, then you’ve come to the right place.

Nova Tissue is an independent UK manufacturer of toilet and kitchen roll products and we are serious about our commitment to sustainability. We want to ensure that everyone can make ethical choices with their household essentials even on a budget. And we’ve done our research so we know our green credentials from ‘green washing’.

Virgin fibre vs recycled toilet paper

We’ve always been very open about our research into using fresh fibres vs recycled fibres in the paper converting process: in certain circumstances paper from virgin fibres can have a lower overall environmental impact than paper from recycled tissue fibres. But when sourced responsibly, and produced locally, recycled paper is a fantastic way of reducing deforestation and caring for our planet. Which is why we offer both options.

Bamboo vs recycled toilet paper

Putting aside the fact that the only commercial scale production of bamboo takes place in China, resulting in some serious shipping miles to get it to UK shelves, the increase in demand has led to natural forests being replaced with intensive monoculture plantations which impact wildlife and biodiversity. Meanwhile, our recycled toilet paper makes use of high grade white office waste (that would usually go to landfill) and is produced right here in the UK!

Is recycled toilet paper safe to use?

None of the products in our Soft on Nature range have harmful chlorine, bleach, dyes, fragrance, inks or BPA in the product or packaging so you can be sure that it’s completely safe to use and we’re proud to say they’re vegan too. How can a toilet roll be vegan, you say? Well, between each ply of tissue there’s a thin layer of glue to keep it all in tact, and a lot of adhesives contain gelatine extracted from animal proteins… except ours. We use a water-based, gelatine free adhesive between the plies in all our toilet rolls, and between the tissue and the cardboard tube. It’s worth checking whether other manufacturers of recycled toilet paper can make this same promise.

Recycled toilet paper packaging

Many brands of recycled toilet paper come in plastic packaging, which significantly diminishes the environmental credentials of the product overall. If you are going to choose a recycled option then it is also wise to choose one which also has sustainable packaging like our ‘Soft on Nature’ recycled toilet rolls which come either loose in a cardboard box sealed with paper tape or in plastic-free, home-compostable wrap.

You’ll also spot Tree Aid’s logo on our packaging, we partnered with this fantastic UK charity when we started developing our Soft on Nature range to support them in their mission to tackle poverty in Africa by growing trees.

  • Soft on Nature 2ply Recycled 36 Rolls


    Soft on Nature 2ply Recycled 36 Rolls


    100% recycled white tissue: the sustainable & ethical choice. Loose packed rolls in a cardboard box, sealed with paper tape.

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  • Soft on Nature 3ply Recycled 36 DOUBLE Rolls


    Soft on Nature 3ply Recycled 36 DOUBLE Rolls


    Extra large and extra long: New longer-lasting luxury sustainability.

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  • Soft on Nature 9 Pack in Paper, 72 Rolls

    Starting From: £24.00

    Soft on Nature 9 Pack in Paper, 72 Rolls

    Starting From: £24.00

    3ply rolls from recycled paper; now produced in a unique kraft paper wrap. Quilted, embossed & laminated to ensure softness and strength.

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    24+ 20% £24.00
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