In the media – Our message about Coronavirus stockpiling

The world is a very strange place at the moment and none of us are sure how long it will be until we go back to ‘normal’. All in a matter of weeks we’ve gone from seeing the effects Covid19 has had on other countries to living in lockdown ourselves, which has led to a few problems. Yes, we’re talking about stockpiling toilet paper.

We understand the fear and uncertainty behind it, and we’ve even been filmed on national television trying to reassure our UK customers (and the rest of the nation!) that there isn’t a need to stock-up on mountains of loo roll, so if you need another dose of reassurance you can find the clips below:







Daily Mirror – Inside toilet roll factory working 24/7 to deal with panic-buying – and why we don’t need to do it






Channel 4 – Can Our Supermarkets Cope?










This Morning – 17th March









inews – Coronavirus: ‘People need to stop stockpiling – there is no shortage,’ says UK toilet roll manufacturer



Coronavirus: UK manufacturers can upscale to deal with toilet roll shortage

*UPDATE 12/03/2020* Due to unprecedented demand, our toilet paper products are now out of stock but we are working hard to meet current orders and get re-stocked as soon as possible. In the meantime, please bear with us. Our kitchen roll products are still readily available.
In particular, there is a surge in demand for our Soft on Natureeco-friendly toilet paper, which is made in the UK from virgin fibres from responsibly sourced trees processed in a zero emissions European paper mill and wrapped in plastic-free compostable packaging. This seems to be as a result of some of our competitor eco-brands which rely on raw materials from China and elsewhere across the world being out of stock.


While we are more than happy to fill this gap and more than capable of processing increased orders, we would reiterate the advice of government and retailers that there is no need to stockpile toilet roll and we do not envisage there being a long term impact on global supply. We sell our ‘Soft on Nature’ eco product in bulk direct to consumers via Amazon and eBay and with 108 rolls for just £35.99; a one-off order would see a household throughout even a worst case scenario.