Gentille Giant Jumbo 3ply Kitchen Rolls – (12 Rolls)


SKU: KT129

12 XL GIANT ROLLS –  3PLY Thickness, value and affordability: perfect for bulk buy savings.
BUY A FULL PALLET: buy 42 cases x 12 rolls and save 26%

Quantity Discount
2 - 41 10%
42 26%

Gentille Giant 3 Pack kitchen roll, value and affordability: perfect for every household budget.

77 extremely thick and luxuriously absorbent “3 PLY THICKNESS” white sheets per roll, laminated and embossed with a uniquely attractive fruit design.

Made using only responsibly sourced trees, from a fully certified European paper mill.

Superb value buy, one XL 265mm tall sheet will do for a wide variety of household tasks – bathroom, garden, garage and kitchen.

Gentille Giant Jumbo 3ply Kitchen Rolls – (12 Rolls)

Product Highlights

Wrapper with minimum 30% Recycled content: Sustainable & better for our planet

Extremely durable, strong and absorbent paper. One sheet is always enough

Proudly made in the UK, with an emphasis on sourcing all raw materials as locally as possible

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